Welcome to Linda Lowe Thompson's Harvest Time Productions. Linda is a well known and respected hammered dulcimer player and teacher.  Harvest Time Music is located in Denton Texas. Call Linda at 940-387-4001.  Within these pages you will find Free Tunes and Arrangements, Information about Dulcimer Lessons, Workshops, and Performances, Musical Merchandise to enhance your own collection, Exquisite coffees to grace your everyday existence, A wide variety of gleanings from all facets of Linda’s life including: Quotes, Quips, Recipes, Rants, Raves And More
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I’ve got more recordings than shelf space. We’ll help each other out.

Autumn In The Valley, Dream Of The Manatee, and Oktober County are popular with people of all ages, with all types of musical tastes. Neal Hellman is featured on mountain dulcimer, with a wide mix of other wonderful instrumental sounds. These present a fascinating blend of music, ranging from classical to Irish airs, to contemporary, while maintaining a feeling of cohesiveness.

CDs $10 each


Tuesday's Child
Featuring Steve Schneider on hammered dulcimer: This is an excellent recording with very nice dulcimer work. Most of the tunes are traditional, but they're not the run-of-the-mill ones.

CD $10