Welcome to Linda Lowe Thompson's Harvest Time Productions. Linda is a well known and respected hammered dulcimer player and teacher.  Harvest Time Music is located in Denton Texas. Call Linda at 940-387-4001.  Within these pages you will find Free Tunes and Arrangements, Information about Dulcimer Lessons, Workshops, and Performances, Musical Merchandise to enhance your own collection, Exquisite coffees to grace your everyday existence, A wide variety of gleanings from all facets of Linda’s life including: Quotes, Quips, Recipes, Rants, Raves And More
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Coffees are Freshly-Ground, Beautifully Roasted and FlavoredWe started selling these coffees in the Courtyard days.  They got such a loyal following, we have continued selling them through Harvest Time.

These Coffees are Freshly-Ground, Beautifully Roasted and Flavored

I suggest buying already-ground flavored coffee because it’s not a good idea to grind flavored coffee in the same grinder as unflavored ones. But, if you’re willing to buy 3 lb at a time, as one of our customers does, I’ll certainly provide them in the whole bean form.

Angel’s Touch Caff or Decaf - Esther Kreek, Wesley Thompson, and I all swear this is the best way to start the day.

Snickeroo Caff or Decaf - T his is a very popular flavor--tastes like Granny’s cinnamon cookies, which she called Snickerdoodle. Someone told me that name is copyrighted, so we don’t use it, but whoever copyrighted it isn’t as old as Granny was when she used that name!

Espresso or Espresso Decaf Whole Beans
  - In the Courtyard years, we were trained baristas who owned our own coffee shop. We swore by the products from this coffee roaster--still do!
This coffee and a lovely, small machine keep us supplied with the requisite 4PM espresso. Try one.

$11.70/lb. regular
$12.30/lb. decaf
$6.35/half lb. regular
$6.65/half lb. decaf