Welcome to Linda Lowe Thompson's Harvest Time Productions. Linda is a well known and respected hammered dulcimer player and teacher.  Harvest Time Music is located in Denton Texas. Call Linda at 940-387-4001.  Within these pages you will find Free Tunes and Arrangements, Information about Dulcimer Lessons, Workshops, and Performances, Musical Merchandise to enhance your own collection, Exquisite coffees to grace your everyday existence, A wide variety of gleanings from all facets of Linda’s life including: Quotes, Quips, Recipes, Rants, Raves And More
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Lessons & Workshops

Private Hammered Dulcimer Lessons
from Linda Lowe Thompson
Linda’s teaching credentials are listed in the About section of this site.

Linda believes that a private lesson should be individually crafted to fit the student’s wants and needs. She starts by ascertaining prior music knowledge, how much time the student has to devote to dulcimer practicing at this time in life, and what the student hopes to achieve by playing dulcimer. As skills develop, she provides lessons that utilize the kind of music you want to play. The lessons usually take place in her music studio in Denton, Texas.
Occasionally, she arranges to give private lessons while she’s on the road. If you’re interested, ask about that.
Linda has successfully taught students who’ve had no previous training, students with advanced music degrees, and many others in-between those starting levels.
Most of Linda’s students are adults. She’s found that the adult student can do well with lessons every 2 weeks---sometimes, even farther apart. As you can imagine, her method won’t work well for you if you want someone to check up on you, weekly, and gripe at you about how little you’ve practiced. She assumes you practiced when you could and that she can teach you something at each lesson, whether or not you’ve progressed since your last visit.
The every-2 weeks-or-so lessons are an hour in length and cost $30.
Usually, children do better with private lessons 30 minutes in length, once a week. As with all students, they’re tailored to the individual skills and needs. Those lessons are $20 each.

from Linda Lowe Thompson

Linda believes that a group setting can be a very effective way to further your skills in playing dulcimer. She goes around to the individual participants, regularly, and gives plenty of hand-outs. Linda knows that workshop students can learn from 3 sources: 1. from the music/tablature, from her individual suggestions, and learning from the other students, as well. Often, workshop participants feel less intimidated because there is less attention on the individual. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worked wonders for lots of us.
Linda enjoys teaching workshops at others’ festivals. You can consult the calendar for upcoming scheduled public appearances. Regularly, Linda teaches workshops at her home on what’s come to be called Fourth Saturday, even when it’s not.
Linda doesn’t provide workshop topics on this website. She prefers to tailor workshop topics to the needs and desires of festival coordinators as they put together their schedules.
She will want to know
1. the level of ability(s) you want addressed
2. how long will each class last
3. what other workshops will be taught on that level?
4. do you have any topic requests?
If you leave it entirely up to her, she’ll choose topics which she’s, currently, developing. She writes new material every single month.

Linda does a set of workshops once a month, usually on the 4th Saturday January through November. Each set of 4th Sat workshops stands alone, teaching how to improve tone quality and technique, embellish and back up tunes, chords, and much more.
contact linda@lindalowethompson.com or call 940-387-4001
to be put on the list to receive monthly e-mail notices about these sessions
4th Saturday Schedule:
11:00 Intermediate Beg Intermediate-Intermediate. This will take tunes and add embellishments to them. Provide work on beginning chords and how to use them.
Noon: Lunch Break--you bring your lunch, we’ll provide drinks
12:45 Open mike without a mike--you wanta try out a new tune you've been working on, with a MOST encouraging and kind audience? This is the place! Not mandatory.
1 PM Intermediate+ HD--More advanced than the 11 AM workshops, but not Advanced. This will take nice tunes, learn the chords and tunes simultaneously, then proceed with some embellishments.
2 PM Short jam session--you play a tune, we'll play along or vice versa
Not mandatory, but, if you want to stay and play music for a while, we'll jam along with you.
One workshop: $20 Two workshops: $30
January 27 February 24 March 31 April 28 May 26 June 16
July 28 August 25 September 22 October 27 November 17

Currently, there’s not an Adv.-Beginning session of these workshops, but there has been, in the past, and could be, again, if there’s sufficient demand.

Linda has vast experience in dulcimer performance. She does many weddings, church services, historical park demonstrations, receptions, parties, conventions, concerts during music festivals, even a few funerals. One time, she played in the cafe in Marshall Field’s (RIP) throughout the Christmas season. Sometimes, Wesley joins her with bones or another dulcimer. Recently, Linda’s been working on playing keyboard while Wesley’s on dulcimer. If appropriate for your performance setting, she will offer tidbits of information about tune histories and/or other background material of interest to specific audiences.
Her love of the traditional music and this instrument is vastly contagious.
She always conducts herself in a professional manner (no outrageous M&M or harem-guy demands!), arriving on time, and doing a fine performance while fulfilling the agreement. This goes a long way toward guaranteeing the success of her employers.